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Movie Era

Introducing the Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company delivering big screen entertaiment to your backyard. No more hanging a bed sheet on the side of your house or clothes line and figuring out how to get a movie experience outside.

The wireless outdoor cinema packages are a complete solution that will make you feel that your watching your favorite shows on your couch inside while out in the fresh air under the stars and moon.

The wireless outdoor cinema takes less time to setup than it does to pop a bag of popcorn.

Owner and Builder

What makes the cinema packages unique is the custom pressure-treated movie screen frame that never has to be broken-down and stays up year-round, a specially designed cedar wooden projector stand that organizes all the cinema components, and the cinema is wireless with no extension cords needed.

The cinema components include some of the highest-rated products sold on the internet based off consumers reviews. The HD Wi-Fi Projector allows you to plug in to virtually any device and start watching immediately.

Connect to the HD Wi-Fi Projector using your Roku, Amazon TV Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, smartphone, tablet, laptop, BluRay DVD Player, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and more.

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