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September 2, 2020

The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company

Donates the 120” Bella Bear Cinema Package to Erik’s Church

BRIDGTON, MAINE – September 2, 2020 – The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company today announced the unveiling of their new line of Outdoor Cinema Packages for homeowners and businesses throughout Maine and New Hampshire. The Wireless Outdoor Cinema is a year-round, weather-resistant, pressure-treated wood movie screen frame that comes with a removable cinematic screen, an HD Wi-Fi Projector, Off-Grid Battery Pack and a Wireless Surround Bar Speaker. The Wireless Outdoor Cinema offers a new way for homeowners to enjoy their backyards, year-round, under the stars and moon watching their favorite movie, TV show, sporting event, or playing video games on a larger than life screen.

“After I built and set up my first Wireless Outdoor Cinema on my property here in Bridgton, I knew immediately other homeowners would love this outdoor experience as much as I do. It’s a beautiful ‘rugged’ year-round, pressure-treated movie frame with an easy setup to start watching your favorite movie, show, or use your Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii.”

Features and benefits of the Wireless Outdoor Cinema include:

  • Enjoy outdoor evenings year-round watching movies with nature and friends
  • Movie screen frames are built with pressure-treated wood, galvanized and stainless-steel hardware and comes with a solid15-year warranty
  • Wi-Fi HD Projector allows you to connect with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, DVD Player, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast Stick, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and Speakers
  • Wireless with no dragging out extension cords and tripping over them at night

The Wireless Outdoor Cinema packages will be available starting June 15, 2020, with the 72” Jedi Bobcat Wireless Outdoor Cinema base package starting at $999. For more information on the complete line of cinema packages please visit: www.wirelessoutdoorcinema.com

About The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company: The Wireless Outdoor Cinema company provides year-round, weather-resistant wooden movie screen frames and complete cinema packages for homeowners, campgrounds, summer camps, town parks and beaches, restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, miniature golf courses, fun parks, assisted living homes, hotels and motels, and more.

The Wireless Outdoor Cinema Company

PO Box 752
Bridgton, ME 04009

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